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Christian Hedegaard has left for Houston, Texas today to preach and teach the Word and to attend Pastor Josephine Mukamazimpakas wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Many can remember Josephine and her ministry that she also brought to Denmark where she has preached in numerous churches since the late 90's where Christian Hedegaard arranged a 12 week long campaign with the Rwandian preacher and collected money for the building of Victory Church in Kigali, Rwanda.

Recently Christian Hedegaard preached in her church in Rwanda during his visit in Africa in August 2009 where he was also invited for the wedding and introduced to the grooms family at a party in Kigali.
The groom is from Rwanda but is studying in USA like Josephine. Christian Hedegaard has been invited to preach a the wedding ceremony that is lead by Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty from Victory Christian Center.

The wedding stands the 26th. of September in Tulsa. Besides that Christian Hedegaard is preaching in Houston, Texas where he will visit Creative Outreach Ministries who runs a center for former female addicts and criminals.



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